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To Outline or Not To Outline? freeing Yourself From Mainstream Book-Writing Advice

Before we get started on this topic, you need to do something for me: Go to your kitchen  Heat up a tortilla  Heat up some rice Put the rice on the tortilla and Splash some lime and Valentina sauce all over it.  Yes, that's what I'm chewing on, literally, as I type this sentence. It's deeeeh-lisshhh. Anyways... TO OUTLINE OR NOT TO OUTLINE?  via GIPHY I've battled with this question for YEARS.  When I was about 8 years old, I wrote a story (complete with drawings) about a kid who traveled back in time and met a beautiful cavewoman girl (?).  Their relationship ends up messing with the timeline of history and everything he knows in the present world/time disappears . I remember (AT EIGHT YEARS OLD) asking myself if I should "plan out" my whole story before writing it or if I should just write it and see where the story goes. That's how deep this conflict is. I hadn't even lived a decade on this earth and already, I was to

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